As we close in on the end of the year and prepare for next year, it is a good time to make sure you have a solid foundation in the area of patient care and verifying your patient’s medical insurance. These two areas are where we see the most revenue left on the table and lack of compliance. We can help you in these two areas through our Practice Pulse review and our IVES platform.

The medical record is the source of the work you do. Making sure it is correct, accurate and that your coding choices are maximizing revenue is key. Do you know how your practice is currently performing? If an auditor knocked on your door tomorrow would you be comfortable in knowing that you are utilizing your code choices correctly? Self-Auditing your practice critical to understanding where your stand and what improvements you need to make. Priced at $599 the Practice Pulse includes the following:

  • Medical record audit of ten records (looking into compliance and code choice/utilization).
  • Medical record review includes an audit of what was billed tied to the corresponding Explanation of Payment (EOB/ERA) validating proper claim filing and reimbursement.
  • Code utilization analysis using a CPT productivity report and comparing use of 92XXX vs. 99XXX codes, procedure volumes, and breakdown of medical vs. vision volumes (if tracked)

The benefits of this review are many. The key areas are; ensuring accurate coding, knowing what codes can maximize your revenue, peace of mind for your compliance and create consistency across Associate doctors for patient care.

Practice Pulse Offering

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