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Insurance Verification

The key in getting paid consistently for medical care is completing accurate verification of insurance benefits for your patients.  The Insurance Verification & Eligibility System (IVES) is a web based solution that facilitates the verification of a patient’s medical insurance benefit providing consistent results in obtaining these benefits. We make the calls to the insurance carrier freeing up your staff’s time increasing accuracy and utilization of benefits. Your team can be resourced to do something else rather than spending time on the phone (on-hold) verifying benefits. Our reporting captures all Ophthalmic benefits available under the patients medical plan. There a few PDF files attached to help you see the benefits and understand how IVES can help your practice. It will save you staff time, educate your patients on their medical benefits for eyecare and cut back on claim denials resulting in lost money. (see video here) IVES FAQ IVES Sample Report 05 2018 Contact us to learn more and see a live... read more

Coherent Eye Care Collaborative Newsletter offering

As we close in on the end of the year and prepare for next year, it is a good time to make sure you have a solid foundation in the area of patient care and verifying your patient’s medical insurance. These two areas are where we see the most revenue left on the table and lack of compliance. We can help you in these two areas through our Practice Pulse review and our IVES platform. The medical record is the source of the work you do. Making sure it is correct, accurate and that your coding choices are maximizing revenue is key. Do you know how your practice is currently performing? If an auditor knocked on your door tomorrow would you be comfortable in knowing that you are utilizing your code choices correctly? Self-Auditing your practice critical to understanding where your stand and what improvements you need to make. Priced at $599 the Practice Pulse includes the following: Medical record audit of ten records (looking into compliance and code choice/utilization). Medical record review includes an audit of what was billed tied to the corresponding Explanation of Payment (EOB/ERA) validating proper claim filing and reimbursement. Code utilization analysis using a CPT productivity report and comparing use of 92XXX vs. 99XXX codes, procedure volumes, and breakdown of medical vs. vision volumes (if tracked) The benefits of this review are many. The key areas are; ensuring accurate coding, knowing what codes can maximize your revenue, peace of mind for your compliance and create consistency across Associate doctors for patient care. Practice Pulse Offering Click here to learn more about IVES and our... read more

OMS-1st Assistant Credentialing Partnership

We are excited to bring you news of a new strategic partnership expanding our abilities for Payer Enrollment and Credentialing services. Starting January 1, 2019 OMS is launching OMS-1st Assistant Credentialing. This joint partnership is specific to expanding the opportunities for us to serve the Optometric and Ophthalmology markets. We will be aligning our respective credentialing businesses and operating them under the OMS-1st Assistant banner. The additional size and resources provide the ability to scale with your business requirements providing quicker turn-around times for your needs. Further, we have the ability, technology and knowledge to respond more quickly to the varying landscape of medical insurance and managed vision care credentialing. You will still enjoy the same team members you have come to know who service your practice needs today as well as meeting our new team. OMS will continue to ensure that we have the best processes and practices when it comes to servicing your business. We will absolutely continue our team’s determination and drive to provide you with the BEST credentialing services in the market. Learn more at... read more

Compliancy Group Interview

Checkout our interview with Compliancy Group concerning Optometry, medical eye care and compliance. Influencer Interviews: Jerry Godwin of Optometric Medical... read more

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Are you HIPAA compliant?   Here is a simple checklist that will guide you through the process to determine where you stand.  Compliance is not an option.   Take the steps necessary to understand your gaps by using our checklist.   This useful check list is provided by our strategic partner The Compliancy Group.  The Compliancy Group offers a web based HIPAA Solution called The Guard.   You can learn more about The Guard by scheduling a demo and determining how it can help you Achieve, Illustrate and Maintain your compliance. HIPAA Compliance Checklist... read more

ECP Hierarchy: Where are you?

Through the years of working with Eye Care Providers (ECPs), it has become clear that there are 4 levels of providers in Optometry.   Some ECPs choose their level or mode of practice and run with it.  For others, it is based on the market conditions, training and choices in where they practice.   What is clear, there is a smaller percentage who are working up the pyramid towards practicing at the full scope of their licensure.    Where are you? ECP Hierarchy... read more

Insurance Verification: Key to Success

Verifying your patients medical insurance benefits is not just good financial sense, but is great patient care.  It is a great source of educate for the patient when they understand what their medical insurance covers for their eyes. Medical Insurance Verification Article... read more