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Compliancy Group Interview

Checkout our interview with Compliancy Group concerning Optometry, medical eye care and compliance. Influencer Interviews: Jerry Godwin of Optometric Medical... read more

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Are you HIPAA compliant?   Here is a simple checklist that will guide you through the process to determine where you stand.  Compliance is not an option.   Take the steps necessary to understand your gaps by using our checklist.   This useful check list is provided by our strategic partner The Compliancy Group.  The Compliancy Group offers a web based HIPAA Solution called The Guard.   You can learn more about The Guard by scheduling a demo and determining how it can help you Achieve, Illustrate and Maintain your compliance. HIPAA Compliance Checklist... read more

ECP Hierarchy: Where are you?

Through the years of working with Eye Care Providers (ECPs), it has become clear that there are 4 levels of providers in Optometry.   Some ECPs choose their level or mode of practice and run with it.  For others, it is based on the market conditions, training and choices in where they practice.   What is clear, there is a smaller percentage who are working up the pyramid towards practicing at the full scope of their licensure.    Where are you? ECP Hierarchy... read more

Insurance Verification: Key to Success

Verifying your patients medical insurance benefits is not just good financial sense, but is great patient care.  It is a great source of educate for the patient when they understand what their medical insurance covers for their eyes. Medical Insurance Verification Article... read more

RCM Platform Launch!

OMS launches new Revenue Cycle Platform that enhances cash flow, provides Insurance Eligibility services and electronic notification of payments.  The new platform reduces errors, speeds up cash flow, reduces payer denials and provides a transparent platform for filing medical insurance... read more